Let’s face it, cleaning a car by yourself is a hassle, but you have no choice because as the saying goes, “a clean car is a happy car.” So sometimes when it’s already in the rainy season, you just let the rain clean your Car. But what if I tell you that rain does more harm than good to your vehicle? Here are five reasons why you should not rely on rainfall for cleaning your Car.

1. Rain Water is full of contaminants that affect your Car’s paint. In today’s environment, it is normal for us to see some factory smoke, especially if we’re from rural areas where big manufacturers are located. Chemical-filled smoke is a significant factor of cloud formation, and yes, those rain clouds that you rely on cleaning your Car? Might have those paint corroding contaminants that fade the colour of your Car.

2. It can’t clean what’s underneath your Car. It’s obvious, rain falls down and not up so It can’t directly clean what’s under your vehicle. Dirt can destroy what’s underneath your car in the long run if it’s not cleaned correctly. To avoid spending more money, take your vehicle to a local car wash shop or buy car wash products, and clean your Car yourself. It is safer and is an excellent investment to save more money.

3. Rain doesn’t always mean it’ll clean your vehicle. Rain sometimes makes your car dirtier because rain turns the dust that is on the road into mud that dirties the Car once it runs into those puddles. You can’t avoid all those puddles let’s face it, so getting dirt on your car when it rains is normal, and it does harm your vehicle if left unattended for a long time. It’ll produce rust the longer you leave the mud there. Always wash your car after the rain, especially underneath it, you’ll be surprised how much dirt you’re going to see.

4. Rain can seal the stains that are in your car. Bird poop, brown stains from mud, and rust underneath your car you name it. Rainwater can seal those stains on your vehicle, which can make it harder to remove later. Make sure you have the right car washing products if you’re going to wash your vehicle yourself. If not, take it to your local car washing place.

5. It can reduce your car’s lustrous and shiny exterior. As I’ve said before, rainwater is full of contaminants that it gets from the air. Those harmful contaminants can affect the shine of your car, and we hate that. We always want our car to look as good as new. You can avoid these effects by washing your car with tap water after it got soaked in the rain, don’t let rainwater dry on your vehicle or the bacteria will do a great job in destroying your car slowly.

We always want to save every penny we can, but using rainwater to save money will cost you more in the future as does automatic car washing. Getting a car wash now and then will save you more money than you’ll ever hope by avoiding car wash. Contact Rockingham Car Detailing for more info or check out this blog for more car washing tips.