Leather seats can be expensive these days since they come mainly from the skin of animals, namely goats, cows, and sheep. If you practice maintenance routine for your car seats, that will easily extend the life of your seat and keep it looking as good as new. I can list out a lot of ways in cleaning your leather car seats, but here are some of the easiest and best ways to take care of your leather seats.

The first step you need to take to take care of your leather seat is to vacuum it regularly. Cleaning your leather seat using a vacuum gives it a lower chance of rotting in the long run. Make sure always be gentle when using a vacuum for your leather seats for they get scratched easily. You can even use an air compressor in cleaning your leather seats, use what’s available in your household. We don’t know what might be hiding in the seams of your leather seat so exercising regular vacuuming will save you money in the future.

The second thing you need to do is to apply your chosen leather cleaner and using a micro-fiber cloth. Using the combination of these two can remove surface dirt and grime that has been sitting there over time. You can also use the leather cleaner and vinegar mixture to make sure that any unwelcome bacteria in your car seats will die. It can even get rid of any unpleasant smell from your leather seats. After applying the leather cleaner, you can brush your leather seat to get rid of the stains if there’s any. Stains can easily house bacteria and in the long term, destroy your leather seat. Either you brushed your leather seats or not, you should always wipe the leather dry to get rid of the remaining chemicals from the used product. You can use a clean microfiber cloth for this. The fabric should get dirty in the first wipe since the leather cleaner has already done its job in seeping out the dirt and other unwelcome guests inside the leather seat.

These steps are one of the easiest and one of the best ways to clean a leather car seat without breaking the bank. You can also get professional service that is close in your area if you are near or in Rockingham you can hire Rockingham Car Detailing for a fast and effective car wash. You can visit them on their website or call them on 1300 841 845. In the end, no matter how expensive or how cheap the products you use in cleaning your leather seats, or how expensive the professional service you get, exercising consistent and regular cleaning will always be the key to a clean leather seat. How about you? How often do you use your car seat? Read more leather cleaning tips here.