Visit the Penguin Island off Rockingham City

If it is your first visit to Rockingham, WA, Australia, then there is so much that you will discover as soon as you arrive in this city. Rockingham is one of the best cities in the world because of the fact that it is located to a close proximity with the shore. It has one of the longest shorelines in the world and because of this a massive range of activities and wildlife. The presence of the long shore has made it possible for tourist to enjoy everything they get here. 

Visiting Penguin Island for sight seeing….and Penguins!

Penguin Island as the name suggest is home to little, blue or fairy penguins. Once you are on Penguin Island, you will be amazed with what nature has in store. Penguins might not be available in your home country but here is where you first encounter will begin. Coming to this island every night to rest and nest it is a strong hold for the 100  plus odd population that call Rockingham home. You will be amazed with their upright posture which resembles the posture of human beings. Penguin Island is an isolated Island of the coast of Rockingham and to reach this place, you will have to enjoy a short ride by boat (Approx. 10 min) This will be fun as well.

Get to experience nature and wildlife on Penguin Island.

If you are a lover of nature, then it means that you love everything that appears naturally. The Penguin Island has natural rock caves which are  a favourite of the Penguins as they use this area to rest and nest. You must note that penguins do not live entirely on water but they live on land most of their times. For instance, you will be lucky to discover that Penguins have mating season where they camp on the Island where the males have prepared the nesting area beforehand. Take a full day to look around and explore. 

You will also get to see how much fun it is for penguins when they swim alongside your boat as if they are escorting you or ushering you in. This is the level of friendliness between human and animals that will leave you breathless. Penguin Island is strategically located and this means that you will be out of the city and be back with a day. The weather of this whole area is superb for sight-seeing with crystal clear waters on a nice calm day.


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